WvW Bot

What is it for?

This bot will assign you roles on Discord based on your WvW world. For this to work, you will need to provide an API-Key from your account page. The API-Key only needs account and progression permissions and has to include wvwbot in the name.

And behind the scenes?

This bot will save your Discord ID and your API-Key. If you want to add another API-Key, simply place your new key in the box below. If you want to delete everything the bot knows about you, press Delete all my data.

I transfered to another world, what now?

Your roles get updated whenever you enter a new API-Key and every 24h. If you just changed your world and want your server roles updated, either wait up to 4h or enter syncnow below. After, your roles will be updated.

Can I have it on my own server?

If you want to invite this bot to your own Discord server, click here. To manage the bot on your server, visit the Dashboard.

Login with discord? Are you trying to steal my password?

Don't worry. When you click on this button, you will see exactly what the bot will be able to see if you choose to let it. The bot will only ask for your ID so it knows who you are.